Using a Hub

Learn how to use a Hub in Vscene.

To use one of your existing Hubs, simply Select it, in the Hub window that you would like to use.

3- using a hub

There are five options in your Hub that you can select:

  •  Copy Link when selected, copies the Hubs hyperlink to the clipboard so you can share it or open in on another windows
  • Invite this will populate an E-mail template with the call joining details, which you may then send to your invited participants, whether they are members of Vscene, or guest participants.

4- invite email

  • PIN Enabled When selected you will be able to add an extra layer of security to your hub with a 4 number pin, you are able to change the pin whenever you want

5- pin enabled

  • Settings (Three Dots) When selected, you can create an email invite for users or guests to your Hub , as well as view “Details” for Hub connection details and Browser link

Once you have selected the Hub you would like to Join, you will be taken to a page where you can:

  • View and change the name that you will appear as to call participants.
  • Select your preferred audio and video source.
  • Invite others to the call.

6- Join a hub

Once you are happy with the call settings, select Join, and you will join the call.

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