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  2. Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement


Ajenta’s Vscene users benefit from the proactive support of the Vscene service desk, provided by a dedicated team of support engineers, software developers and project managers operating from a UK based support desk.  Ajenta’s support team hold qualifications across a broad range of hardware and software disciplines.

Support is available as either Standard or Enhanced – features and availability of each are as follows:

Software Updates & Upgrades  rn-tick  rn-tick
Knowledge Base Access  rn-tick  rn-tick
Development Sandbox  rn-tick  rn-tick
Unlimited Support Cases  rn-tick  rn-tick
Time Coverage Business Day
(9:00am – 5:00pm)


Please Note: The Vscene service is provided with standard support included in any subscription charges. If our standard SLA does not match your requirements, tailored SLAs and Global Cover SLAs are available upon request.

1. Coverage Summary

This service level agreement pertains only to the following suite of products and services provided by Ajenta:

Ajenta aims to meet or exceed the service levels, as laid out within this document.

2. Definitions

  • 1. “Ajenta” means Ajenta Limited, a company trading as Ajenta and incorporated in Scotland under the Companies Acts with registered number SC451119 and having its registered office at Ajenta | Hub, 96/2 Commercial Quay, Edinburgh, EH6 6LX.
  • 2. “Customer” means a person, firm, company, organisation or institute who purchases Products or Services from Ajenta, as detailed in project proposal(s) which has been accepted as a contract.

  • 3. “Contract” means the Customer’s purchase order and Ajenta’s acceptance of it, or the Customer’s digital acceptance (via EchoSign/email) of proposal or quote, which refer to Ajenta’s Terms & Conditions of Business.

  • 4. “Products” means any hardware and/or software module (including cloud services, such as Vscene) that was delivered and installed for use by the customer, by Ajenta or by an Ajenta Partner.

  • 5. “Services” means development and/or integration work, or any other complimentary task that was carried out for use by the customer, by Ajenta or by an Ajenta Partner.

  • 6. “Third Party Services” means any third party services purchased by Ajenta as part of the Customer’s Contract, such as hosting or storage space.

  • 7. “Functional Specifications” means detailed technical specifications or other implementation design documents created by Ajenta to describe its products or services.

  • 8. “Bug” means an Ajenta product feature fails to perform according to the product documentation and its functional specifications.

  • 9. “Software Patch” means a change to the Ajenta released vendor software intended to correct errors, improve performance or non-conformance of the product for a specific Ajenta customer, without being an enhancement or official new Release.

  • 10. “Software Update (Minor Release)” means a revision or minor change to the Ajenta provided released software intended to correct errors, improve performance or non-conformance of the product.  Software updates are not always scheduled in advance.

  • 11. “Software Upgrade (Major Release)” means Ajenta provided software release, which incorporates enhancements to improve and add additional new functionalities and capabilities to the product.  Software Major Release dates and content are formally announced and published by Ajenta.

  • 12. “Site” means a geographic location where an Ajenta Product is being installed and/or used by its end user.

  • 13. “Business Day” means time window between 8:00AM and 6:00PM Monday to Friday for Standard Support and 24/7 for Enhanced Support in the geographic location were an Ajenta product is being installed and/or used by its end user.

  • 14. “24/7” means all day, every day, all year, regardless of time zone, holidays or working hours.  This may also be referred to as 24/7/365.

This Service Level Agreement document should be read in conjunction with our Standard Terms & Conditions of Business.


3. 1st Line Support

High VC Connectivity Issues To A Live Conference Or Virtual Room Live In-Conference Support Action Within 1 Min Of Answering Of Support Call Or 5 Minutes Of Receipt Of Email Within 10 Min So That The Conference Can Continue Where Practicable
Medium First-Line Technical Support And Primary Troubleshooting Respond With An Acknowledgement Or Initial Prognosis As Soon As Possible, Within A Maximum Of 2 Hours By The End Of The Next Business Day
Low Second Line Support Where Required (Network Connections, Firewalls, Protocols Etc.), Assistance With Local Set Up Respond With An Acknowledgement Or Initial Prognosis By The End Of The Next Business Day Solution Provided Within 5 Business Days


4. 2nd Line Service Levels

High VC Service Is Unusable Status Update And Mitigation Provided As Soon As Possible. VC Service Restored Within 1 Hour Initial Fault Diagnoses And Solutions Discussed By The End Of The Next Business Day
Medium VC Service Is Usable, But Affects Day-To-Day Operations Status Update And Mitigation Provided To Users Within 2 Hours (Supplier Must Use Reasonable Endeavours To Provide Mitigation As Soon As Reasonably Practicable) Within 5 Business Days
Low VC Service Is Usable But Has Minor Service Issue(S) Mitigation Provided Within 8 Hours Within 10 Business Days

5. V-Room Hardware

All V-Room Systems and peripherals are supplied with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.  In addition to this, Maintenance and Support for the Vscene POD is provided as part of the Vscene POD licence.  If you purchased a V-Room Bundle with support and maintenance included, a term must be purchased annually in advance in order to qualify for Support on your V-Room.

Subsequent annual licences should be purchased annually in advance, before the expiration of any particular period.  An invoice for the licence will be raised and sent to your nominated accounts contact at least 30 days prior to expiration.

V-Room Bundle peripherals (such as cameras and audio devices) are supported for day to day troubleshooting purposes as long as your V-Room support cover is up to date, however physical failure outwith the manufacturer’s warranty period is not covered.

6. Support Request Logging

Support requests, issues and queries should be submitted by either method below:

Email –  support@vscene.net

All requests are logged and managed within our Support Ticketing system. You will receive a ticket number on submission of each request – please use this number for any further correspondence regarding your support request.

Response to all requests will be managed within SLAs detailed within tables shown in Sections 3 & 4.

We appreciate customer feedback. If you have any concerns with regards to response times, or would like to leave any staff recommendations, please send to compliance@ajenta.net.

7. Software Patches, Updates & Upgrades

The embedded software releases of patches, updates and upgrade deliverables are available to all registered Vscene users at no additional cost.

Product software releases ensure products work according to their published functional specifications as well as to periodically enhance and enrich the products’ functionalities and features. Ajenta will apply its software releases (patch, update or upgrade version) to its cloud services generally with at least one weeks’ notice to its clients, only once it has been tested and passes the minimum tests as set periodically by Ajenta.

For end-user equipment, V-Room Systems (codecs), Ajenta will continue to provide software patches and updates to end of life (EOL) products and software releases, as long as the manufacturer supports them (where applicable); however, Ajenta encourages all customers covered under a current and paid service plan to take advantage of available software releases, with the main goal of keeping systems current.

This will allow customers to avoid any possible operational problems as well as taking advantage of available new features and functionalities which may come with updated software releases.

Please Note: No upgrade or update of system architecture will be undertaken unless Ajenta have given adequate notice to its user community.  Any of these required to be done will be carried out during historically quiet periods, with the customer’s agreement, in order to minimise disruption of service.

Ajenta service plans define three levels of software releases:

“Software Patch”– will be released by Ajenta to correct specific reported errors, or bugs and to improve sever performance or non-conformance problems with a specific product and for a specific Ajenta customer.  Software patches will not include any enhancement and will not be considered as an official new release.  Software patches are not scheduled and planned in advance and will be available on an essential basis only.

“Software Update (Minor Release)” – will be released by Ajenta and will include a minor change to the product’s embedded developed software and/or related documentation intended to correct errors, improve performance or non-conformance of the product. Software updates will not include any enhancements or new features.  Software updates are not scheduled in advanced and is not part of the company’s roadmap.  Software updates will be released on a ‘need based’ to address problems or required performance improvements identified and reported by multiple customers. A “Minor Version” is usually designated by the least significant digit(s) of the revision designator: x.x xxx

“Software Upgrade (Major Release)” – will be released by Ajenta and will incorporate enhancements to improve and add additional new features and functionalities to the product, and in some cases also major changes in technology and infrastructure.  Software Major Release dates and content are formally announced and published by Ajenta and will include new features and functionalities as planned on the company’s roadmap.  A “Major Release” is usually designated by the most significant digit(s) of the revision designator: x.x.xx

8. Service Policies & Limitations

The following covers the policies and limitations associated with the delivery of the service plans by Ajenta:

  • Maintenance and support services will cover only products or services purchased from Ajenta. Ajenta will not be held liable for SLA violation under circumstances which arise from service interruption resulting from failure of products not delivered by Ajenta. This includes but not limited to: Network infrastructure, interfaced legacy systems, monitors and other display devices, accessories, etc.
  • On resolution of a support ticket, if a request is deemed to have been raised due to inappropriate or unsupervised changes to Ajenta’s configuration of the product or service by the customer and/or their staff, partners or any person other than Ajenta; a fee will be chargeable at the current rate of £100 per hour excluding VAT, to cover time spent on rectifying the support query.

  • Under no circumstances will Ajenta be held liable for SLA violation in cases of hardware failure resulted from mishandling or other unusual causes (e.g. water damage, power damage, environmental conditions etc.).
  • All Ajenta products are sold by default with Standard Plan for Software support service. Purchasing of such plan during any warranty period is mandatory.
  • Purchasing of a service plan for V-Room Systems is required on an annual basis. In all cases of lapse in coverage, a recertification fee of £500 per hardware appliance may be applied and unit diagnostic will be performed remotely if required. Ajenta reserves the right not to renew coverage to a specific unit following such diagnostic. In such a case, the recertification fee will be fully credited back to the Customer.

9. RMA Process

Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) process; A process which defines the return of a failed Ajenta Supplied Product, for repair and/or replacement by Ajenta.

Hardware Returns

All faults with Ajenta supported hardware should be reported as outlined in Section 6 (Support Request Logging) above.

As standard, we will endeavour to replace faulty hardware within 2-3 business days, should a device receive a non-recoverable diagnosis by our support desk.

Once a replacement unit is received by the customer, the customer must return the faulty unit to Ajenta. Please address to:

Maintenance & Returns,
96/2 Commercial Quay,

If you have any concerns with regards to response times, or would like to leave any staff recommendations, please send to compliance@ajenta.net. Escalations on service requests will also be handled here.

11. RMA Information

In order to ensure swift handling of RMA requests, the following information should be provided (where applicable) by the service request initiator and also be attached to the return unit:

  • Product name & model
  • Software version
  • Unit Serial Number
  • Contact details and shipping address
  • Diagnostic details

10. Shipping Cost Responsibility:

It is the responsibility of the service request initiator to return any faulty item to Ajenta within 30 days of receiving the item via their own courier and to cover the shipping costs. If the faulty unit is not received back within this period, an invoice will be raised to the value of the replacement hardware sent out by Ajenta.