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Sending an Organisation Connection Request

How to connect with another Vscene registered organisation.

With Organisation Connections, you can send connection requests to other Vscene-registered Organisations and, once they have accepted your request, you can chat, share files and have meetings with users from that Organisation.

Sending a connection request

To connect with a Vscene-registered Organisation, an Admin from your Organisation must search for the Vscene-registered Organisation they wish to connect with by:

  • accessing the Organisation page > ‘search‘ tab >  using the search bar provided.

Once your Admin has found the desired Organisation using the search bar, they can simply press the ‘Connect‘ button to send a connection request.


1- sending request

2- connect


Pressing ‘Connect‘ will send a connection request to the chosen Organisation, which when received can either be approved or rejected by that Organisation’s Admins.

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