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Room Systems

Learn how to manage room systems.

If you have Admin Rights for your organisation you will be able to find the Admin option in the top menu panel. In the Admin panel where you will be able to manage Room Systems within your own Organisation.

Room Systems
In the Room Systems tab you will find all registered Room Systems. You can filter them using the toggle to display all Public Room Systems or only your Organisation’s systems.

1- room systems

To register a new Video Room System click on + Add New Video System.

2- add new room system

  • Name your room – Please name it after a room in which it’s operating. Remember you can use spaces.
  • Select your Connection Type and Connection details
      • 323/E.164/IP -IP Address Example – 123123@vscene.net/004401040123123/
      • SIP – SIP address Example – 123123@vscene.net
      • V-Room System – Room Extension No. Example – 123123
  • Privacy Type
    • Personal – Only you can see and use this room
    • Shared – Anyone from your organisation can see and use this room
  • Email Address – Email invites for conferences involving this room system will be sent here.  Information for joining the call will be detailed in this email.

    3- register room system

If you have any questions, you can contact the support team via email or telephone:

e: support@vscene.net
t: +44 (0) 3300 200 404