Learn how to use Polls in Vscene.


Any Vscene account holder can create Polls on the Dashboard, in a Scheduled Meeting and Hub calls.

Using Polls

Select Polls, either from the Dashboard



In call:



Or on the old version of Vscene ( on the left hand menu)



Selecting the Polls tab you will be taken to a new window where you can view active polls or create new polls.

Under 'My Polls', you can view all polls that you have previously created and are also those that are active.

Creating a Poll

When creating a new poll, you will be required to enter a question and a minimum of two answers.

When you are happy with the poll, click save and then 'publish poll' button.

polls5Once published, you can share the poll using the 'Copy sharing link' button on the right hand side. 

When everyone has voted, you will see the result in your poll page. From here, you can also 'end poll' to stop further voting.



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