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Features available via Windows Desktop App

Overview of features available when joining via Windows desktop app.

Change Participant layout

When there are more than three or more participants in the call, you can change how they are presented on screen.

Gallery View

All participants windows are the same size regardless of who is the active speaker.



Speaker View

The Active Speaker will appear in a larger window to other participants.

Pin Participants

You can Pin the participant you wish to stay in the large window. To unpin a participant just click the black pin icon to revert back to active speaker.



With a range of tools, you can collaborate with your team or class using the Whiteboard.


There are three options of canvas in Whiteboard - blank, dot or squared grid.




Other options available in Whiteboard

  • Move Tool – allows you to move the image to view areas that may be off screen.

  • Pencil – select this tool to allow you to draw on the canvas.

  • Colour – allows you to select colour to apply to your pencil.

  • Undo & Redo  Undo or redo your work on the canvas.

  • Delete  delete the entire whiteboard contents. Note this is only available to moderators, not guests.

  • Download – save your whiteboard collaboration as a JPEG file.

  • Zoom – allows you to zoom in and out of areas of the canvas.

Sharing Content 

Share either your screen or an application window. If enabled participants have the option of sharing their screen or specific window. 


Recording a Vscene meeting

Recording of your session can be started and stopped by the meeting booker or the assigned Moderator.

There are two types of recording:

  • Shared Screen and Participants – All video and audio in this call will be recorded.

  • Default to Shared Screen After you finish recording and disconnect, you can find your meeting Recording by selecting the Recordings tab to view the Recordings in your library, where Recordings can be viewed,  instantly downloaded,  shared via email, and deleted.




Chat can be found on the right-hand side menu. It allows you to chat to all participants on the call.




Chat can be deleted by the Meeting owner or Moderator.

All chat can be deleted at once or click an individual post to delete. 

Clear all chat March 22 (003)

Managing Participants 

Above the Chat on the right-hand side menu, you will find a list of all the participants and room systems on the call.

As Scheduled Meeting owner you will have extra options on the left-hand side to manage the meeting.

  • Manage – Allows you to invite users and manage the call, such mute and disconnect participants.
  • Room System – Allows you to search and call registered Room Systems and add or remove them from the call.

If you have joined as the Moderator from the Dashboard, your mic, video stream and the option to share content will be disabled, but the Whiteboard and option to record is still active.



Mute all March 22_video muted

Settings Options


 Allows you to change the device settings (microphone/webcam/speaker) and also theme (light/dark).

Display & Layout

  • Prioritise shared screen in recordings.
  • Allow non-moderator to share their screens.


Extend a Scheduled Meeting

To extend a Scheduled meeting select 'Extend Call' and select your preferred option. 

KB - Key Features - extend - may 22

Contact support

Contact our dedicated and experienced support team for any Vscene related support enquiries.

Call support: +44 (0) 3300 200 404 

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