How to join via MS Teams

Learn how to join your Vscene meeting via MS Teams.

IMPORTANT -To be able to join a MEETING using Microsoft Teams, first your Microsoft administrator must enable federation with our service. To achieve such thing, “” needs to be whitelisted in the Microsoft Teams admin center

To connect to your meeting you will need the Skype for business address provided by your meeting invite or the owner of the meeting ( – where 123123 is the meeting extension number ).

If you have only been provided the extensions number (123123) from the meeting, you can simply

add after it.

Opening Teams, you should see this screen, or similar:

7- teams-1

Select the chat tab on the left side and the search bar at the top.

Here you should enter the meeting address ( and if your organisation have trusted the domain ‘’, you should see the option to select an external contact as shown below.


After choosing the External contact you should see the contact under your search bar:


Now all there is to do is to click the camera button on the right side to connect to the call or the telephone icon if you wish only an audio call:


N.B: Through Microsoft Teams, you won’t be able to share content as it is not currently supported, though you will be able to receive content from another participant.

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