Changing the Vscene logo to your own organisation logo

Customise your Vscene dashboard

Vscene allows admin account holders to upload their company logos, to appear on the dashboard of all organisations logged in users and participants joining any meeting created by your organisation.

Setting your Logo

  1. On the top right side of your dashboard, click Organization
  2. Select Use custom logo toggle.  

  3. Select choose file and you will be able to find and open the image you wish to use.
    logo 2
  4. You can move or resize your image to best match and be able to view the logo as it will appear in light or dark mode. Once happy, select save.

  5. If you so wish, you can revert to the Vscene logo, by again selecting he toggle under Organisation tab, and turn it back on or changed it to a new image (see step 2).

  6. The logo will now appear:



Joining a call:





Super Orgs and Child Orgs 

If a parent organisation uploads its own logo, then its child organisations will also show this logo, unless the Child organisation uploads its own.