Getting Started with Vscene

Quick Start guide to using Vscene

Joining a call? 

For the best experience we recommend downloading our Windows Desktop app.

If you are using a Mac please join over the browser. 

The Desktop App is currently suitable for Windows 10 version 14316.0 or higher.

If you or another participant has scheduled a meeting using Vscene, you will receive an email invite with the meeting details. This email will include a link to join the meeting where you will be promoted to download the Windows desktop app or have the option to join over the browser.

Windows Desktop app (recommended)

How to join via Windows Desktop App

Joining over the browser? 

Guide to joining via browser

Browser Requirements

Joining over Mobile?

In order to access live moderation control and the ability to share content join over the Desktop app or Browser.

Joining a call from iOS/Android?

Creating your account and registering as a user

Create a new Organisation and register as a new user

home (002)




Here, you can view details of all Scheduled Meetings where you can, filter Scheduled Meetings and Spaces by name or ID using the search bars.

From here you can easily edit or cancel any Scheduled Meeting, if you are the meeting organiser or Moderator.






Schedule a meeting

A user can schedule meetings days, weeks, months or years in advance and set your your meeting to repeat, record all video and audio or only shared content only.

You can customise your meeting title, description and date & time details, as well as add a pin or set your invite to private for added security. Your meeting can be automatically set to dial out to the invited room system at the set time. 



 A guide to Scheduled Meetings and options





Hubs allow you to host instant video calls. You have one personal Hub, and the ability to create a maximum of four other Hubs. 



Creating a Hub

Using a Hub




Recording a Vscene meeting

Recording of your session can be started and stopped.

There are two types of recording:

  •  Shared Screen and Participants – All video and audio in this call will be                          recorded.
  • Default to Shared Screen – This will record only the content shared. After you finish recording and disconnect, you can find our meeting recording in the Recordings library.

Recordings Library 

Recordings are where all the recordings you have created from meetings are stored. Recordings can be filtered using the search bar. Recordings can be viewed,  instantly downloaded,  shared via email, or deleted.

A Recording can be set up in advance when scheduling a meeting. 

The meeting owner, moderator or admin can turn on Recording during live in meeting, when joining over the browser or Windows Desktop App by selecting the record button. A notification will appear to inform that recording has been activated.



Scheduled Meetings

Key features joining via Windows Desktop App

How to join via browser


You can chat live to all participants in a Scheduled or a Hub call. Chat can be deleted by the meeting owner, moderator or admin live in call. 



Key features joining via Windows Desktop App

Key features joining via browser


Contact support

Contact our dedicated and experienced support team for any Vscene related support enquiries.

Call support: +44 (0) 3300 200 404 

Email Support